The evolution of NGA

/ Updated on 17.02.2011

In this study, ANACOM assesses the current situation with regard to next generation access networks (NGA), presenting a number of case studies with international relevance and assessing the situation in terms of the characterization of existing networks and operator offers, the implementation of various government initiatives and regulatory measures taken in this context.

After outlining the study’s framework, the changing conditions of demand that have underpinned the deployment of NGA are examined in chapter 2. Chapter 3 summarises the main NGA architectures adopted in Portugal and possible developments. The international panorama is analyzed in Chapter 4, presenting an overview of the evolution and current state of NGA. And Chapter 5 looks at the evolution of the European regulatory framework. The current state of development of NGA in Portugal is characterised in chapter 6 and the study's conclusions are set out in chapter 7.