Minimum content guidelines for electronic communications contracts

Guidelines for minimum content to be included in electronic communications contracts have been passed for submission to the general consultation procedure laid out in the Electronic Communications Law (Law no. 5/2004 of 10 February).

These guidelines are intended to create an environment in which operators may quickly and effectively fulfill the provisions of this law (Article 48), while simultaneously ensuring consumer protection in electronic communications one-sided standard contracts and improving the quality of available information. The stipulation that contractual terms must be clear-cut and unambiguous will allow subscribers and users to make the most of their contractual rights with service providers and will also ensure greater transparency in electronic communications services.

In fact, ANACOM is legally responsible for guaranteeing high levels of consumer protection for customers of electronic communications network and service providers, as well as promoting the clarity of information.

Specific elements of this document, recently passed by resolution dated 17 May 2005, involve the minimum level of detail for information to be included in one-sided standard contracts for public telephone services (mobile and fixed location), other electronic communications services and television distribution services, with an accompanying chart systematically detailing anticipated issues in these various one-sided standard contracts.

Under the general consultation procedure now underway, interested parties have a period of 30 working days to voice their opinions. Comments are thus encouraged by the deadline of 1 July 2005 and may be sent, preferably by email, to


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