Licensing procedures


The application form Modelo 047 ANACOM is used to request licences for networks solely made up of mobile stations (installed in vehicles or portable) emitting in simplex channels.

To install networks without fixed structure it is not necessary to previously apply for band indication. Thus, so long as the form Modelo 047 ANACOM  is correctly filled out, a network licence may be issued, dispensing with other formalities.

In module 2 - Number of stations to install  the category corresponding to the number of stations to install should be indicated.

Module 3 must only be filled out when more than one channel is requested, a situation which imposes clear justification.

In module 4 - Preferred frequency band for channel assignment  the interested party may indicate preferences for the band in which the frequencies will be assigned; ANACOM will try to follow those preferences, but reserves the right not to respect the order indicated, for radio spectrum management reasons.

If no preference is indicated, ANACOM will assign frequencies according to the Criteria for Assigning Frequencies to PMR Networks from Land Mobile Service

Module 5 - Network objective - should designate the specific purpose of the communications, which may not coincide with the applicants activity. For example, a passenger transport company may need a network for vigilance and security  of its facilities; a banking entity may need a network to transport assets. This field is meant to provide information on the network users profile, in order to harmonise sharing situations in the channels in which it is to be included.

The network licence can be issued as long as Model 047 ANACOM is correctly filled out; it will indicate the networks composition, structure, technical characteristics and working conditions. The network may be used after its title-holder has received the licence.

Signature: it is indispensable that the signature be legally recognised


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