Access to networks and infrastructures

Universal postal service providers are required to provide access to their networks according to transparent and non-discriminatory conditions, by means of agreements established with postal service providers who request access. In this respect, the universal service network is considered as the postal network associated with the provision of the universal service, as under paragraph 1 of article 38 of Lei Postal (Postal Law).

Postal service providers, despite not having universal service obligations, may negotiate and conclude agreements among themselves on the technical and business modalities of access to the respective networks, as under paragraph 7 of the same article 38 of Lei Postal (Postal Law).

All postal service providers may negotiate and conclude agreements themselves on access to elements of their respective postal infrastructure or to services they provide, namely the postcode system, address database, post office boxes, information on change of address, re-direction service and return to sender service (paragraph 1 of article 39 of the Postal Law).

ANACOM may, depending on the subject matter, impose conditions, in particular to resolve disputes between parties or where necessary to promote effective competition, to guarantee the interests of users or to guarantee the universality of the service.

In this area, see ANACOM's decisions