4. Dissemination of information on postal establishments

CTT currently disseminates information on its post stations on its website.

CTT is required to publish in an appropriate form, namely on its website, and to regularly supply users with information on general conditions of access to and use of services provided [under paragraph 1 f) of base VIII of the Concession].

ICP-ANACOM acknowledges that, in the case of post offices, changes on working hours may not depend exclusively on CTT.

Nevertheless, ICP-ANACOM considers that the dissemination by CTT, on its website, of information not only on post stations, but also on post offices, contributes towards better information for users and also for increased access thereof to postal services, in particular to services that integrate the universal service and other concessionary services. ICP-ANACOM thus takes the view that CTT must disseminate on its website and keep up to date information on all operating postal establishments (post stations and post offices), namely information on their location, working hours and services provided.