Fibre drives fixed broadband growth

As at the end of September, there were 2.75 million fixed accesses to the Internet in Portugal, 2.7 percent more than in June. ADSL is the leading access technology.

ANACOM launches new website

ANACOM has put its new website online, in an initiative set to coincide with ANACOM's celebration of its 25th anniversary as Portugal's regulator of the electronic communications and postal sector.

ANACOM bars providers from describing offers with limits as «unlimited»

Seeking to safeguard the rights of consumers and driven by the need to ensure greater transparency in the sector, ANACOM has approved a decision to prohibit providers from using the term "unlimited" to refer to voice call/SMS or internet offers which are in fact subject restrictions or limits.

Postal traffic recovers 2.2% in 1st quarter

In the first quarter of 2014, total postal traffic in Portugal increased by 2.2% compared to the previous quarter (with 233.9 million items reported), and decreased 8.7% compared to the first quarter of 2013.

ANACOM strengthens oversight in 2013

ANACOM has intensified its enforcement and inspection activities to oversee the conduct of the market's various actors and the conditions governing use of the radio spectrum.

ANACOM regulates ''unlimited'' offers

ANACOM regulates offers that advertise unlimited internet traffic or unlimited voice calls/SMS in effort to safeguard the rights of consumers.

ANACOM launches frequencies website

Using the e-NTFA, information on the planning and use of frequencies in Portugal can be searched dynamically and interactively.