Data transmission security

/ Updated on 02.06.2015

A user's account information is protected by a password to guarantee privacy and security. The online services are provided using TLS encryption, the industry standard to protect data transmissions.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) communication, users of the online services on ANACOM's website can confirm the authenticity of the website and its content, and, likewise, perform the electronic transfer of data included in the forms of the online services securely. This communication guarantees privacy and confidentiality in the submission of data, using the most advanced encryption technologies, such as: Strong Encryption (128-bit), Public Key, Private Key and Digital Certificates. By using these methods, visitors can unequivocally identify the website’s owner.

Using the functions of your browser, "click" on the small padlock icon which can be seen in the top left corner of the screen; you can then check the information contained in the Digital Certificate and confirm that the entity to which it has been issued is legitimate. Once the communication channel is encrypted, users can transfer data with a guarantee of privacy and security.